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Braveheart Overland Team

BraveHeart Overland is our Dream, to explore, discover, and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness by vehicle in the United States of America. Our team is in the starting stages of overlanding and we are taking in the experience of the journey along the way to the destination.

You can follow us on Instagram @braveheartoverland and YouTube @BraveHeart Overland. Our names are Eric Stencel and Austin Bane, following a dream of becoming a team in the overlanding community and travelling across the U.S meeting new people and others who share our same passion. Currently building our rigs more and more every day and always looking for our next adventure from pulling off the road and exploring service roads to planning extended expeditions.

With a toyota Tacoma and 4runner, we overland, off road in parks, and hike/explore by foot when the opportunity arises. Being a new name in the Overlanding community, we are growing and would love to meet anybody who shares our passion. Thanks for visiting our website, check us out on our other social media accounts on Instagram and youtube and feel free to contact us through email at

Very soon our Overlanding Team will be selling BHO gear. T-Shirts, Patches, Stickers and more!


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BraveHeart Overland