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About Us

BraveHeart Overland is an overlanding team that Austin Bane, and Eric Stencel created in November of 2016. The dream is to travel and experience the beauty of America through vehicle based traveling and off-roading. Our team is small and very close. Too good friends that attended Greensboro College in North Carolina and played lacrosse together found to have similar interests in off-roading and overlanding.

Austin was well off into his build on his 2006 Tacoma and was just dipping his toes into off-roading and taking his friend Eric Stencel along with him. This started a fire in both. Eric And Austin both fell in love with off-roading and the idea of overlanding. Eric, who was getting ready to graduate and start his career path as a personal trainer and lacrosse coach, always wanted a 5th generation Toyota 4runner. After graduating, Eric bought a 2015 Toyota 4runner and it is known as Roxy. Eric is starting his build and it is coming along very nicely. Austin is still in college and going on small expeditions and off-roading almost every weekend. Austin has a 2006 Toyota Tacoma and his build is looking good. Austin is studying criminal justice and is going to graduate from Greensboro College in 2019.

Eric is from Chicago Illinois and Austin is from Fauquier county in Virginia. Being in two different places gives great diversity to our team’s Instagram. BraveHeart Overland has a YouTube that has a couple amateur videos up. Austin and Eric are testing the waters in the world of videography and are exceling and planning on creating expedition movies.

The team of BraveHeart Overland is currently small but willing to grow by one or two more vehicles. We want to keep our team small and close. While currently growing on social media and getting more and more attention every day, us at BraveHeart Overland want to grow and eventually start selling merchandise once more popularity is gained. The team of BraveHeart Overland is a small group of friends all wanting the same thing, making fantastic memories through vehicle based travel across America through off reading and meeting new people.


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