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The Trans-America Trail

On July 31st, BHO returned safely from their TAT expedition. The expedition was composed of the first half of the TAT all the way to Moab, Utah where we finished our trip and said our goodbyes until the next meet up or expedition. We started our trip on July 15th and might I mention, it was our team’s first ever expedition. With help and support from our families, friends, and sponsors, we hit the trail and did hit dirt until the end of Tennessee which is also where we encountered our first vehicle issue. Austin’s Tacoma’s A/C compressor decided to quit out a day into our expedition. Our first night we rode the trail of tears through Tennessee on pavement until about 1:30 in the morning. We weren’t thinking about camp until we realized the time. When we woke up, we realized how close we were to the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tenessee so we took a tour! highly recommended. The distillery was beyond imaginable and ran off of family tradition and methods that are still being used 150 years later. from there we found dirt and rode until the sun went down. This was our first and only night of camp that was stealth camping right off the trail on public land. Setting up camp we met Benjamin, a stray dog that took a liking to us and stayed the night after we gave him a nice little meal. The next morning we had to say our goodbyes to ol’ Ben and headed for Arkansas. Arkansas was an amazing state where we found our first TAT stop shack. We met a very nice older gentleman named Percy who has a stop shack for TAT riders and he told us stories of other riders while we told him ours. Shortly after leaving, we encountered our second setback, a Cracked windshield on the 4runner. putting a windshield repair kit on the windshield, we rolled onto Oklahoma and stayed With Eric’s mother’s friends and got to wash some laundry and recharge the batteries. Oklahoma would later be the hottest state reaching temperatures of 108 and over and with no A/C in the Tacoma, it was almost unbearable but apart of the experience. Other than the Heat, Oklahoma had many surprises like sand dunes, salt flats, and county roads that went on for miles and miles. Oklahoma was also where we had our biggest vehicle failure. Roaming the sand dunes at night in Little Sahara state park, a strut broke on the tacoma due to stupidity and lack of sight. After it was fixed and the time set backs, we hit some highway to get back on schedule. Going through a tiny piece of New Mexico we arrived in Colorado. Austin has never been farther west than West VA so this was a whole new world to him. Riding the county roads through Colorado was life-changing. The Rockies size was unfathomable and unforgettable. But there really was only one thing on our minds. Black Bear pass. One of the most dangerous roads in Colorado. We tackled engineer and alpine loop before getting slammed by a rain storm on Alpine Loop and making the smart decision not to hit Black Bear pass in the rain so we waited until the next day. We woke up and headed for Black bear anxious for good reason. Black Bear pass is far worse than it looks on YouTube. The biggest obstacles being the infamous switchbacks and mainly the steps coming down the waterfall. There is nothing like only having three wheels on the ground and teetering towards a fall to serious injury or death. If you want to know what that is like, ask Eric. White Knuckled all the way down the pass, we made and looking up at BHO’s accomplishment, we were shocked and in awe. Colorado was a state we were looking forward to riding in the whole trip and the next stop was Moab. The final piece of our part 1 expedition. Utah is a place neither Eric or Austin has ever been too. the team drove through some storms out to Moab and really cleaned the dirt off of the rigs for our last 2 days of the expedition. Day 1 in Moab, BHO took on the first section of Hells revenge and all of Fins and Things. Both awesome trails. After we got off roading out of the way, we headed to the Arches National park and did some hiking for the last day of our trip and saw some of the landscape Utah is known for. BraveHeart Overland only did about half of the TAT because of time restraints and normal life calling us back. We took on the first half of the TAT and it was a success. The team’s already great friendship was brought closer, we got past obstacles and made memories that changed our lives. This trip has us excited for the next trip and hope for the next one, the team will be a little bigger and we won’t have as many broken truck parts! We will be coming back to complete the TAT but our next trip will be further north. Stay tuned and keep on on Instagram, our website, and our TAT youtube series! HUGE thanks to our Families, friends, and our sponsors( WARN Industries, SCRUBBLADE, Stoute Web Solutions, Chi-Town 4X4, and MAXSA Innovations

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