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Archive for June 2017

MAXSA Innovations

BraveHeart Overland has teamed up with MAXSA Innovations! MAXSA is a company of impressive, unique products. We will mainly be using their traction boards which are amazing products. They compare to any other brand and run neck and neck with them for a smaller price! Traction boards aren’t the only overland related product that they…

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Teamed up with SCRUBBLADE

SCRUBBLADE, innovator of the fresh, never-before-seen, most effective windshield wiper design, is rising in popularity as the top-rated wiper blade among off-road enthusiasts, professional truck drivers and everyday commuters. In a debris removal test performed by AKRON Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL), SCRUBBLADE went head-to-head against the largest wiper blade companies and proved to be…

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